White Russians

Well look at your face

Look at the floor

Look at what the Russians got right for a change

Its Over

Its Over

If you didn't pick Vodka but it starts picking you

Do you know how water burns and what will you do?

Think it over

Think it over

Do you drink because

they drank

when you drank

when you

You were drunk and found yourself alone

There was no motherland you could call home

And it always catches up to you when you try to hide the things you do

You were Sinking Friendships like toy boats out in a storm

The ships in your glass bottle made it all sink into form

Don't ever doubt the Devil's Water just in case you drown at Sea

I Drink my Juice with Jesus and that's all I need for me

The enemy that faces out in reflected drunken portraits

speaks volumes to the thousands of friends that just ain't free

Your eyes are telling now what your mouth is just too drunk to say

Your movement sets the room off balance as the cosmic justice scale tips your way

You drink, you drank until your will was cashed and unto clay

Hammer & Scythe

You're hammered tonight

You've fucked up the only thing i've ever had right

Think it over

Think it over

Fortune fades brightly the White Russian Army all know

They ride Four Horses pure white as snow

They thunder towards destuction and bring with them their higher functions





The Four stage horses that prance on your grave

White Russian Horses

Trick Ponies Prancing

I see them stirring as others are dancing

Drowning all your friendships so that you could face yourself alone

And as they sank the more you drank, the seabed now their home

You killed off all your childhood hopes just to redue your crime

You beat the shit out of friends who couldn't commit to being hammered all the time


You're burning all your insides in Magnificent display & your liver is disolving day by day by day by day

So your Heart wouldn't start if you beat it with a hammer and every single word is a single worthless stammer

Its Over

Think it Over

All the Satellites over your head will surely re-arrange

If you Look at What the Russians Got Right For a Change

Think it over-

When you're Sober

Will you ever learn that that water will burn?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

you were talk talk talk talking in circles

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