The Scarecrow

He was stuck up on a cross

which way this way tony danza and the boss

Lost his marbles, life he garbles, up and up away

unsuperman sun pouring on the burning tan of working all day

And oz forgetting his lines gave him a gift nonetheless

conspiring thinking knowlede keeper sleeper king of chess

All that he was was an empty blank page in the mistreated instruction manuel of life save the bollocks

god, save the queen

home, save the locked doors

friends, save the constant cawing

time, save the sun

As they walked by theyd stare and see,

No Matter how he tried he could not break free

And the words the echoes in his brain

You are gone fishing, mad, insane

Scarecrow, Scarecrow

Fear from empty thought

say i'm crazy

legs numb and lazy

fire proof when caught

Scarecrow, Scarecrow

mannerism spins off weather

body torn to pieces

as the twindle releases

disconjoining oneself all together

Scarecrow, Scarecrow

what had eaten gilbert grape

crows the circle cawing thickly drapes

omens predicted not self aflicted

nirvana's sudden rape

Scarecrow, Scarecrown

when the ocarina plays a piece

the hook brings me back

ahead of the pack

a hero's legend not to cease

Put up on the wood



Put out out to pasture

time oh time going faster

put out out in the fields

crops and labors begin thier yields

made to stay still, nailed into place

sown are the emotions stitched on his face

sown are hands that reach out to the masses

sown are the straws that blow away as time passes

don't fool yourself, tom foolery

you can't kid a kidder

in this, the last straw

the scarecrow will hang out alone

ask not the green field for forgiveness, it was planted by man

it grew around him

and what does he protect? he is but a shadow of that which created him

in his likeness and old farmer

something he is not

nor ever will be

He is Scared

But he will Crow

Like Peter Pan proving himself to the lost boys

Rufio even understood

Twindles untie,

Nails loosen and rust

Scarecrows have time, time and my trust

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