Who's Name is Branch


There has been a murder here

On the corner of third and armeda there is an old wooden tree

Branches they grow lengthwise all around it

one juts out facing the corner

no one puts trees in a corner unless they are for show

one branch is all it takes, one solid, leafless branch

they hung a rope over it

as kids we used to play out there

we tied a tire to it and even then knew what fun was

as kids we hung

the branch broke under our weight, just split in two, but still stayed aloft

its still up there now, on the corner of third and armeda

the old rotted rope silently hangs from the branch

who knows how long it has been there

or how long it will be

the knot is thick and no one could remove it

a rope hung from a branch

there my childhood hangs

someone killed it

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