Held Back

His dad got drunk beat his ass when he got back

Had purple bruises fading like the sunset to the nighttime black

Kid had to take it learned from every attack

And his dad made him tougher so he never held back

Kid would run away but there was no place to go

so he'd sneak back in later after the sun went low

Little Jack grabbed his favorite animal he named Dear Jack

And he hugged it till it unstiched itself cause the bear held back

When he was about nine he left and stayed with the nun

and the other little children poked a hell of a lot of fun

when they asked him to join the game he'd just walk down the old track

he wanted to jump in but too afraid he just held back

When he got about twelve he wasn't the smartest ace

And no one ever let him learn at his own pace

They kept pushing him to reading and the homework would stack

so the big boss teachers got together and they held his ass back

Went to high school and overcame whatever was broken in his head

and his knowledge grew wonders from the books he had read

he left college because he didn't need to spend any more

he was sick and fucking tired of buying for everyone at the liquor store

all college even was was just a pointless chore

and every single lady was just a sheepish whore

He said fuck this I'm gonna go back home

I don't need you people and your fucking hazing foam

I could buy all this shit back where I come from

and this joke of an education is making my head fucking numb

Got a job one day doing construction work

and the big boss man was a fucking jerk

called his dad an alchoholic called his girl a whore

so he made the big boss man kiss the big fucking floor

And the workers grabbed his arms while the boss man rose to his feet

told Jack he had done it now he's in for a treat

Took his big work boots kicked him and went off with a smack

Jack would've fucked his world up if he hadn't been held back

Jack got married had a couple of kids

Wife loved him dearly never told him they weren't his

He'll always remember standing outside his truck as she turned around back

That Car never would have hit her if his seatbelt didn't hold him back

And at her funeral He felt guilty for not being able to react

and his life was forever plagued as a matter of fact

His eyes didn't open not even a crack

tears would have welled up but they were just held back

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