I don't know where you came from

But back home I used to be someone

Haven't eaten for a couple of days

I see sounds as colors, after too many kegs

And on visions of what just what might be

Never see ever be truncated infinitely

Add it all up and it doesn't make sense

Subtract it all down, it's numerically dense

Not sleeping no sleeping not tired or down

Feel alive so alive I am the same as every noun

Out spoken so token that I concentrate more

Less token so taken but they keep keeping score

Like a weekend vampire from New Hampshire never liked to taste blood

Cleanest white kid never right kid that's been drug through the mud

Empirically speaking lost my senses they jumped the fences back a ways

Self-atrophic body coped it losing weight again for days

Hands are shaking, sun baking lost reactions in store

What of reason, back to treason lying laid out on the floor

Add me all up and subtract me all down

I will wear this face and bear this: eyes that tear through cap and gown

Messing with my system attacked blitzed them staying way past my prime

Never need them no freedom body shaken hooked on line

Minus feeling baited stealing head reeling down the line

subtracted motions no devotions but to be in lives of nine

Catalytic though I missed it hollow twisted up I thrive

A day eternal solar-plexus sternal through it all I am alive

And a day by the way of trading sleep for living

Is like Robin Hooding death that never turned to giving

And a night through which I fight to calm my beating heart

Is to swallow once and follow punch after punch spinning off the chart

I have turned and spurned and lifted the veil and seeing is believing nothings there

I subtracted mere seconds yet added life beckons; life checks on all my cares

In the span of hours my powers were gifted and lifted and taken and crashed halting

I alone threw stick and stone crossed my own line of faulting

Subtracted, all weak and small, trading dreams for nightmares while eyes wide

I sold what soul I told had strolled off then my life been tried

To the incubus I curse and piss on cradles and graves' new births

Dug deep in sheets I creep towards sleep to unearth my mystic worth

Dizzy spinning heartbeat winning going to bed but not to sleep

Never dreaming head is teeming forehead steaming not to keep

Vital signs as signaled rhymes lessened impact traitor's blow

Now I felt this as I dealt this kiss of fate for now I know:

I will add.  I will subtract.

I don't decide what I get back

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