What I Gave Myself

i give myself cancer

one wish at a time

i give myself answers

one question at a time

i made myself blind before i could see

i stared at the sun and though it was fun it wasn't the best for me

and what i had done to hurt myself was not the way i dreamed

it made me sick, and it came too quick, and as i had tried to scream

and my clock was saying tic-toc but i didn't hear it chime

to tell the toll, i fall and roll, and missed it in my mind

and as i drank and took a sip i left myself open set

and what i deserve is key, for being me, and so is my regret

i gave myself cancer and it led me away

and as i sit in my life i wish it away

straight from my beginning, and unto clay

i turned myself off starting that day

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wish it all away

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