Swan Song

The calling of

the passing bye

the ending flag

knowing why

The forced retirement

the final kick

the wasted time

from being sick

the resignation

the sudden coup

the shuffle on

away from you

lost dogs find catchers

catchers then die

lost boys find catchers

catchers in rye

lost men find nothing

save trouble and fear

childish things

but all the ever clear

ripples and tides

tidings farewells

troublesome antics

venerate spells

This is the end its been said on a whim

Deep breath for the plunge decent for the swim

Leap of faith just once more for your sake

Forced to deny what you once wouldn't fake

Taken far from the home we knew so

told to go on, told just to go

Told: Take your chances

Told: seize your day

Told: make new romances

Told: go away  

Didn't have to be told that I was forced out

Of something I didn't know I knew everything about

Didn't have to sing loud that I can't sing at all

I just listened and waited for my own swan to call

Didn't have to forget that I'd lost far too much before

and that by the time I returned they would clear out the store

Didn't want to believe it was ending for me

I already witness it this i do see

They told me to drink

and burn down autumn trees

We know no ones past

or how good are thier knees

After all I was once a proud Comet

Now my pride comes from if I can stand poison or vomit

Didn't have to be told I would often return

But everything's changed and that I have learned

My victory bell will never more ring

A swang song was started and forever will sing

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'll tell you this...no eternal reward will forgive us now.

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