Ballad of John Earl

John Earl taught at Newman

He had an ax to grind

Drove his car to Rockford

Killin' on his mind

John Earl prayed there quietly

As he heard, "Let me live."

Checked himself once over

And said, "To God I give."

John Earl grabbed the ax handle

He went charging through the door

In the morning hours

As the owner swept the floor

Here come Johnny Earl

Ax above his head

Murdering this establishment

Before any more are dead

To the walls he spoke with Iron

and cleaved out his each remark

Letting in the sunlight

To a place that had been dark

This battle had been coming

History had been made

At least one man remembers:

John Earl v. Roe v. Wade  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Fr. John Earl Taught Religion at Sterling Newman High School sometime around 1995.  In a few years time he would make national headlines as the Priest who drove his car into an abortion clinic in Rockford, IL and took an Ax to the place.

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