The Heart of a Champion

I started games

you run out of bounds

You were out of bounds my friend

I won, that's what winners do

I've hugged only the greatest things in my life

I've only kissed the things that mattered to me

I've Ran

Over bridges

Over paths

I've run miles and sprints

They have no faith in me

We are all not the same

You know what, Heart owns

Its better than your height

A shaved head is better than your two dollar hair cut

From Bill and Dick's

I have done things you could only dream of

Where's your applause come from?

That's right me

I've had standing ovations

I've been paraded around

I've been hung on a cross

I've had my ass kicked

day in and day out

I've fought people two times my size

But you know what, I've never stayed down

I pick myself up

If by holding a bag I am nothing

Then I will gladdly be nothing

I will gladly be just two engraved plaques on Chad Law's wall

I will gladly give speeches

I will gladly endorse my name on footballs

I will gladly have just one career touchdown on Varsity

My happiness doesn't come from the newspaper

Andy Colbert can wear his Hawiian shirts

I will wear my medal and my ring

and my heart on my sleeve

I walked off and ended it all

On a large orange I in the middle of the field

And You might not get it


But for four years plus,

I have no regrets

and had a damn good ride

and I can sit here and let you say I am small

But I am Magnificent

In my mind I matter

What I am in your mind,

I could care less

I'll give myself a high five

I'll sit in my locker

I'll be smaller than anyone else

But I'll always be bigger than you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

When I won State I took the trophy in my hands and I made out with that achievemnt.  It has never kissed anyone else like it kissed me.  

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