Forget what I think

Of touching your lips

as I tumult with this pink

that backwords way slips

just take me down with the others in your mind.

to the back of your heart to turn your eyes blind

I try to attain your attention and such

but it keeps repeating that I'm nothing much

I thought I was more

I'd never call you a whore

but for the two times I've been left stupid

you have it in store

I am busted I am torn

I see the roses beyond the thorn

I am flawed I must not be the best

but I don't deserve this thought before I rest

It hurts it's sad

My mistake in starting

My search it's had

My anguish in parting

promise me again

you'll stay true my friend

never leave me to another

for the sake of your brother

Theres two sides to my siding

on silencing and deciding

Left with the choices

lost in our voices

Orion the hunter

killed by her bow

She was his lover

Orion, I know.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

oh    i know

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