Goodnight Polaris

I'm getting older as the night turns to day

And as much as I care I don't care to say


Why do shooting stars always fall from the sky

It's your half birthday if you want you can cry

You said, It's cold out here

There must be some comets in the atomsphere

Tonight let's make a wish as we see the sky falling

As that cresecent blue moon seems to be everything but stalling

I wish this night would last forever

But it won't, it can't, it isn't in the cards

4 hearts this sucks and blows as we see the guards

When awake dreams don't appear

And its easy to run when struck by fear

But it's times like tonight that make me come back

And from my life these nights I lack

Like black stainless steel that glitters and Leo in the twilight

With Virgo in tune perfection blooming just right  

Crescent moon stop

Shooting stars drop

Go away cop

Let me be tonight because this is my request

Eyes sparkle as you smile making this the very best

Tear drops sparkle as you cry before we leave to rest

So I see a shining star as I wonder how you are

Shine on you crazy diamond in the sky

Dry those tear drops from your eye

Shooting star make dreams come true

Pick her up when she is blue

Take her away to see the day

As tonight goes down, adieu

Author's Notes/Comments: 

star light star bright

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