The Cowboy

There once was a cowboy down on a farm

had himself a sence of self and filled himself with charm

was a man be a man never do no harm

ask him to and he would do anything worth while

had himself his farmers shirts and dressed himself in style

and of his heart he wouldn't part the things he loved the most

never seen him never keen on being one to boast

he could sing about Elvis, Cash and about boys named Sue

and he aint done nothing that you couldn't do

and on the farm he had his life all over his land

and every corn he had sworn would grow from his clentched hand

and on his farm he had a deer done raised it from a fawn

and gave it drink and so i think he did so every dawn

and on his farm he had some sows all inside thier pens

saw fire bring down came trucks from town and red and white sirens

and graves he dug and trenches too and served his country well

on ice and snow he didn't know but that's the day he fell

been busted broken been dusted caught chokin' and hollering and drinking too

but changed inside and found his pride and also found God too

done been around the fields and country all his life it seems

still twinkles his eyes still fixes and tries to work and keep his dreams

had done himself done what most men don't do

had been a fighting irish when most men are through

had never done stopped or ever done quit

never been one to break down at it

always up working his mechanical tractors

always counted blessings and all of them factors

always done did and always will too

the last of the great farmers the very last few

and broke his back and got it back just in time to start again

put up your dukes, and come here yukes and once and always freind

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