You're Home Was Here

but since its gone away

all the old stomping grounds

have lost their fun and play

You're Heart Was Here

a few years down the road

all the paths that led you away

and selves you hadn't sold

New Year's Eve

I'd like to believe is truly new

Adonai, Adonai

Time slipping through

Seconds as dropping like so many tears cry

Sparkling drink, magenta turned pink

things we can't see will cause them to die

It is said to not exist in our time and of all this

We are thought to be apart

Though I know this year will restart  

you never know you know

until you know its done

you never know, you know

You've Heard What Hurts

You've Had What Hurts

You never know, you know

You've Hurt Without Him

You're Hope Was Heroic

You forever know you know

You never know, you know

You can tell us about it so

we can empathize we can show

we can listen we will know

we will turn, cross T's and dot I's

We can have greetings, and sadly goodbyes

we will be strivers, shakers, and dreamers

up near polaris and of its redeemers

connecting dots star crossed plots

life graph chart

open set heart

four years in

four years apart

four letters recieved

four letters sent

four symbols stand

for he who lives

for the right hand

time slipping by

for he who once lives now does die

life is frequently destructive

but the unfrequiently die



Calvary Up High

New Years Redeemers

Take care of us dreamers

You hold wisdom high

you never know,

and you know why


Author's Notes/Comments: 

יהוה, this is the story of a τετραγράμματον ,

four letters

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