Something that's mine, my very own

Without something, I'm all alone

My precious dear

My precious mine

I should have never left it behind

I know

My misfortines and my guidance

Is a double blow from the same lance

Here I am now in the old dance

With the same choice, with the same chance

The good that's left

interred for good

I should have left

I knew i should

But something worse! I chose my place

For self-denial - to lose my face

Hide out

Sell out

I'll Shout

A conquest stopped a journey killed

No not for me but the better willed

It's proven true thoughout my stay

Better to leave in a hurry

Better to run away

I know

Oh I can't run!

          No I can't run!

It's just so much fun

          God's sarcastic pun

When life is done

Oh I know...

Oh I know just what I need

I need my precious

With my precious I am freed

All my burdens

All my greed


I Am Freed

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Frodo Baggins had a burden. Oh I Know!  I talk to My Precious lately.

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