Lake Ladonna

Lake Ladonna

Our Lady Madonna

full of grace

I've lost my my face

go there?

I don't really wanna

You can't make

me Take to a Lake

It was the 4th of July

and i didn't know why

my life had turned around

picked itself up of the ground

and that's how it goes

it keeps getting resurected and it can never really die

I'll Defy if I can't die

I'll stray from the day

When I should take to the lake

Why didn't I go?

I guess I'll never know

all the same I could'nt have anyway

they never stay

long enough for fun

I can't go on the run

when my life's come to a dead stop


cascading down a chasm



my life it starts to spasm

keeps dropping down

slowly back up the rope of fame

wholly it'll never quite be the same

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A True Story

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