Made To Be

Here I am

Never wasted a day of my life

I think I've made out alright

But they make me out to be something I am not

Standing I fall, Sitting I break

Laying I stall, Praying I take

Now and again and sometimes still

I find a part of my own will

Leading me back to the same places

Clocks and numbers, dates and faces

Leap froggers don't catch up, to the person in sight

Raging bulls will die in their very own fight

I will run myself through my own trusted sword

justice will return to me on my own accord

My pills I'd ask for Rose to deliver

Acetylcholine my friends, is killing my liver

I can't even smile at an old friend

Can't walk the mile all the way through the end

Can't teach the wrestlers moves that I leanred

Good side in me that never had turned

Promices kept Promices lost

Friendships weakened Friendships tossed

Following footsteps cemented in glue

then realizing the footsteps are too big for my shoe

Believeing I'm walking in my own wet cement

Slips off to reveal mud covered pavement

I can't lay tracks

I can't leave a mark

Its too misty tonight

out here alone in the dark

Nothing stays sober

People or things

often kept guessing with surefire stings

They didn't lock me up

They just locked me out

They opened my ego

and left without doubt

Too small to comsume

To small to enjoy



girl and boy

I 'll find a place to rest my head

warmed by fire and a bed

taken in without a clue

when I was locked and busted too

gave me drink, gave me reason

gave me a holiday

from this slip-shod season

Made to be,

Been Designed

Lost the things I once did find

Put away on this day

one more for the great devine

last call for dear old paul

lets hope he finds his spine

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i have been

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