To Rome

If I could travel along the gravel without kicking up old stones

Then I would have left the plot upset, devoid of milky bones

To Rome, my home is calling,

The city by the sea

Lost along the wilderness,

At times not meant to be

Oh Great Fire, light the woods

Burn my path as ash and soot

Mark my feet with blistered pride

Mark my words that I have tried

I will circle past this place until it rots to ruin

I will alter all these stones into an altar inhuman

They have cursed my walkabouts

They have cursed my sight

They have taken out my bite

And keep me up all night

They make me toil on seven hills

If I once knew the truth, I do not still

I would if

I could


I knew how to go back, to the time before my time

If I found a way to listen to the wilderness divine

If I somehow managed mimicking the nature in my way

I might find out what’s worth living and cease to do so on that day

If Romulus and Remus were sons of bitches

Then there is still a chance for me

It might take seven years or seven itches

But I will find my niche to be

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Home I roam, patiently

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