Oh, here it begins.  Picture life, minus the wins

and oh, what have you left.  Losses lost and tossed all too deft.

A Dead Man's Chest would hold a Live Heart

a begining would end as soon as it'd start

A loosened string tightened tight would break at the thread

a clock would tick in synch with the inner voices of dread

Lub-dub Lub-Dub

Edgar Allen Poe

Lub-dub Lub-Dub

Couldn't hide it so

Pit-pat pit-Pat

Hadji stops it flat

Pit-pat pit-Pat

flat line, that is that

repeated, rhythmic contractions

a hollow hollow thing

filling with the actions

electric impulse stings

Chambers lock me in a place

a lost cause to start a chase

sanctuary isn't very

visible on your face

A growing triangle featuring love

cast including you, me and everyone up above

the third person in the triad will always be eveything

and it puts too much stress to mess no matter each new ring

Superior heart

Inferior dart

bull's eye drentched in red


hurt not fixed it

broken in my head

Sacred Heart rushing through

moving to the sound in you

moving with the pulse to feel

baggage packed and copper zeal

sepia tone old fashioned thinker

often lonesome, crowded drinker

calm down the heart calm it or else

the life you are living puts me on the shelf

the fatality grows by each beat in tempo true

my eyes have turned darker and no longer are blue

and gina she gripped me and choked it too tightly

mortal combat style finished him not justified rightly

concave half sphere, curvature on my heart

the world gets too close and we should be apart

a dent in my chest a chink in the plating

a growing it seems on loving i'm hating

solar plexus my nexus for caring too much

too much in this world connects me in touch

i'm too close I can see it, feel it, surrounded

i'm flightless and grounded

i'm heightless and pounded

watered and

drowned dead

rhythm stops beating drops

oh, here it ends

I'd like to fire all of my friends

but they, they don't work for me

they only see what they want to see

oh, here it ends,

drowned it seems, within the bends

compressioned chest lost in trends

and when the chest comes to a stop

the key in me with still be dropped

no one ever will get inside

though the closeness to my self stores in my pride

oh and here i've died.

oh and here i had tried

no, i've lied.

i've died.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"the bleeding hearts of artist's let him get away with murder, judge your honor let me hammer him to-day."

Title is LATIN for the HEART

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