I am the hollow man

Capistrano swallow man

Alls swell that ends swell.

my potential peaked through speech and speak

the old college try

i've had enough to boast and bluff and never know why

Like my boat has sailed upon the rocks and busted a leak

i'd sit and drown and on my way down to me democracy is greek

i saw my doggleganger, who warned nothing of danger

you'd have thought the ideas he bought were me as stranger

I've had enough of golden wisdom

to be byzantine

one more

I've lacked a knack for taking back

An indian giver

Once a snowball rolling down a hill from summer to winter

i'd never find the answers in my face ever thinner

one more swallow till i'm down

If shadow and moonlight hides my face you'd find me outdoors

I sneak and creep and stole away behind your back doors

If the Norman's blue eyes never speared the fear

I'd have been likened to moor

once more till i'm down

(not done.)

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