Healthy Dose

It's not healthy to be home so much

I need to feel, I need someone's touch

It's not healthy to think I can score with a wink

But since when has healthy been me?

Grown sick, Home sick

Bored of my whole life

Broken in Shambles, My girlfriend she rambles

I'm thinking she won't be my wife

A healthy dose is what I'm needing

To stop the pain and stop this bleeding

(optional ending found!)

I need a healthy dose of that stuff called hope

But all that I can seem to find is pain and fiegn to mope

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a poem that got me into the quater finals of a poetry contest for "Famous Poets"... i finnaly found the missing ending, but i dunno which one is better, of well....   This poem won me a trip to reno nv, but i dunno if i have 400 bucks to go

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