Begin to believe

everything grows up

and begins to tangle itself

but never girl, forget what you love

and what you love, is whatever you wish

and whishful is whatever you dream

and dream away, forever now my friend

and everyday brings love

it everyway sings love

Continue to believe

and we will all follow

follow your lead

leading us all

with your steps

steps into form

forming a line

lining for them

them to all see


you and your love

love for this all

all of this

dance now

now in your room

turning around so

they all will swoon

listen to now

listen and learn

learn how to sing

sing like a bird

clearly bells ring

on this day we heard

heard that you love

love to be free

love be in motion

devotion waves like the sea

and i know

know in your heart

you will be happy and dance in the dark

J'aime J'adore

you have your love and you have so much more

J'aime J'adore

spirits that flutter and dance out the door

J'aime J'adore

bodies do break and life is a chore

J'aime J' adore

Juliet died young, but your life has so much in store

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