Jonathon, Do You Want A Gatorade?

I am a man of sorrow

I was a boy of pain

I'm still a man tomarrow

And there's still so much to gain

I was Iron man

I am Ozzy's biggest fan

I could not inhale

I am not able to fail

Every sunset when I look towards the west

I flex my big pecs and inflate my chest

I remember when

I was about two plus ten

I scored for the other team

Damn goggles never let out steam

Nobody cares now-

For I have won state

James Bernard was my cow-

We all touch his electric gate

Mom used to give me gatorade

Everyday the Dodgers played

Now I'll go away

As I was and as i'll stay

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is about a friend of mine who complained because there were no poems that were about him, so eat that jonathon

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