Guys Like Me



There is a pain

that can't be spoken

a mind numbing issue

at stake.


It isn't done out of malice,

just ignored.


Afterall it's one's opinions,

it's just something I don't agree with.


My heart has been broken over it

time and time again,

but noone really knows.


So how could they understand

my reasoning?


To hear the words,

and thoughts

trouble me.


But they don't mean anything by it,

it seems petty in a conversation.


But what do women really want?


It scares me.

It gives me less hope that

unconditional love exists,

or least the imperfect version of it.


Based on the conversations,

nothing matters more

than the outside appearance.


Sure, maybe something inside

matters to some,

but it can easily be outweighed

by what looks pleasing.


Not hvaing the ability to turn down

what looks pleasing, but on the inside

is not what women truly want.


If that is the case,

there is no really hope for me.

Since I wasn't blessed with this.

I apparently am not appealing in any

sort of way.


Nothing short of a miracle

will save me from being single.


But I wonder,

what will happen to others

who are like me?






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