Sacrifice to Date



We have our thoughts,

our opinions,

our ways.


Some of which we think is right

when we know it is not.


The key word: knowing.


We tend to ignore it,

justifying what we do,

so we can please ourselves

and fill our desires.


It doesn't make it right,

but we keep telling ourselves that.


No matter what we are told,

how many times we are told,

or who says it,

we still want to do it our way.


Again, wanting what we want

when we want it,

and if it looks good,

it must be good, right?


Show of hands,

how many times we did this

and the results were not in our favor?


So how do we try to date

those who are not beneifitial?


So what if he or she lloks great,

beautiful from head to toe,

from the face to physique,

it doesn't matter.


Where is there heart?

Where is their mind?

What do they seek?

Is it the same thing you seek?


Do they want to live

the same lifestyle,

with similar choices,

in a relationship,

with God?


Do they beleive the same way

you do?

Are they mature in their faith?

Do you share the same vision?

Same ideals?

Are you really equally yolked?


The questions matter.


When times are tough,

when life throws them curves,

how do they receive them?

How do they respond?

How do they handle tests,

trials and pains?


Are they desirable in those times?


When you are at your weakest,

when you are at your worst,

can they love you still?

Is there an unconditional love?


Will you be able to grow in Christ?

loving as you are taught,

learning and trusting in His ways?


Or will you fall away,

allowing the more important relationship

to be near non-existant?

Extinguishing the core values of what dating leads to?


So tell me how dating a non beleiver is a good thing,

since marriage is sacred and is a covenant between a man and his wife, with God?


What are you sacrificing in the long term,

for short term happiness?












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