Where to Start

My thoughts


We continue to search

for Mr. or Mrs. Right.


Doing so, requires us to have

our hearts in check too.


If we seek perfection,

shouldn't we expect them

to seek the samething in us?


It is only fair.


So I consider that

we view this as a two way street.


Do we have to love unconditionally

even at times we don't want to?

When times are at the hardest?


How well can you handle yourself

under pressure?

When the tension is high

and patience is tested?


Does your life have to have everything

in order to be accepted?

Do your ducks have to

be in a row?


Does life have to seem perfect?

Do accompplishments have to be made?


When do these expectations

finally get eliminiated,

and we accept reality?


That life is far from perfect,

and we make it the best way we can.


Where unconditional love can

be learned and taught,

enforced, embraced,

used, and given.


Make your first step

towards a relationship,

with your own two feet.


Someone might follow after them.







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