The List

My thoughts


If you are single,

you carry this on you,



It occupies our mind,

our thoughts,

but it's not always

in check.


It's those desires we seek,

those traits we would

like to see in another.


From personality,

to good work ethic,

finding attractiveness

where ever it's present.


We must be careful

what we measure with.


Can the person meet our expectations,

without compromising what we seek?


There are necesseties and wants,

but is what we want really what we need?


Where do we bend the rules

to get what we want?


To turn a blind eye

to the red flags,

eventhough it is

what we desire?


Is the measurement so high,

that expectations are never met?

Or so low that everyone is a possibility?


It takes balance,

and patience,

waiting and seeking

what is pleasing and acceptable.


The ones we seek must

measure up to our lists.









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