Wedding Blues

My thoughts


You would think I would be happy,

for someone who is getting married.


It is a joyous occasion for both

the bride and groom.


But recently views have changed on

who exactly the  wedding is for.


I guess I come from an older standard,

where the wedding was about both,

more particularly the bride, understandable.


But it is not just the bride.


Anyone who reads the vows knows

it takes two to make it work.

So I asky why is the wedding revolving around

the bride so much?


My current thoughts remain on the topics,

which seems to be non existant

outside of the wedding.


I understand what goes into one,

to plan one,

the amount of time.


But at what cost?


To be pushing for a particular date?

To be stressed before the big day?

Shelling out thousands of dollars for the sake

of saying, "I do."


I'm sorry,

I just don't agree.


When it is the only thing

that is mentioned,

the ring,

the bling,

and not even the groom

you're marrying?


What exactly is the wedding to you?

What is the purpose?

Are the nuptials even relevant anymore?


Stop with all the hype.

Make the day about what it is

supposed to be about.


A man and a woman making a commitment,

a covenant with God,

as one flesh.


As long as the two shall live.

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