The sun at night

Lost into the silence of the night alone

Unable to see or much less find herself

being trapped into despair and lonliness

left abandoned

in a dark and haunted forest by

the very man who allowed her

conception to begin

Yet, left alone at the start of

her birth with minor deficientcies and belifes

She only to existed to portray

his image from a "perfect child"

She could see, if only the light came

up at night to see these trailing

paths before her

She feared, she cried all alone

unable to know where to turn or

what to do in these lost times

in the endless night of her life

She feared mostly finding the

one who left her stray and

wondered how she ever got lost

or why she was so alone...

These questions sprinted through

her head always,

"Did I become misplaced by accident?"

"Is he looking for me too?"

The little girl could only hope,

with these four words,

"I'm comming for you!"

She reached her adolecent stage

as she heard these voices in

the dark

They were voices of content from two men

one old and one young and

two voices of women

one old and one young as well

She thought her search was over

by the releaf of these voices

She ran faster than the brutal

storm winds with an anxious


The closer she reached these voices,

the louder and clearer they got

as she finally reached the vocal


"Is that you?" she yelled with excite

she touched and felt around as it

appeared to be a tight circle unto

themselves, not one flinch or

word gave out towards her.

She asked for a response untill they

escaladed into shrill, desperate

screams over a course of years

She heard the voice of the older man

as he stated, "I love you daughter and son"

But,Nothing toward her untill she reached

her young adulthood. She decided to leave

and find her own path. As she realized,

not a word or a thousand could ever

show her existance or to ever find the

sun at night

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