`Please don’t look down from heaven soldier`

Please don’t look down from heaven soldier
On the streets of Britain today
As we march we are abused
In a most disgusting way
You proudly did your duty
On the battlefield with pride
Now marching on British streets
We will not sneak and hide
Protesters spit and scream insults
To allow them here is reckless
But our police have their hands tied
By Political correctness
Its time for all good men & woman
To Stand up and shout “NO! “
If you don’t like our Country
Its time for you to “GO”
So close your eyes brave soldier

Sleep for a million years
Britannia she will rise again
Sweet music for your ears



© Tony McNally

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Many people disagree with the War in Afghanistan but they do not spit on and abuse are brave soldiers.

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