The sun switches off in Iraq tonight
Load up your weapons
Were in for a fight
The sun rises slowly in London today
Corrupt politicians feast drink and lie for their pay
“Contact wait out” screams over the net
RPG`S and rockets a deadly constant threat
Bullets hit young Smith ripping away his right shoulder
In London an MP has lost his white folder
“Pairs fire and manoeuvre” The British advance
SA80 rounds make the enemy dance
They reach young Smith his pulse is week
His zap number is sent
Chances are bleak
In London the minister lights up his cigar
Saunters of to the comfort of his 24 hour bar
Young Smith dies in Basra
19 years never older
In London there is joy
They have found the white folder.


© Tony McNally

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A British Labour MP thinks a cigar and a fine malt whisky are more important than a dead British Soldier, the British Labour party have an insitutional hatred of Britains Armed Forces.

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