"Been too long" (song)

(Verse 1)

I don’t know how I lost you

But I do know that I’ll find you

And I don’t know where youre goin

But I do know tha I’llbe there

I I do that ill pray

and hope that its makes you smile

Im lovin you everyday

And I don’t know what else to say but…


It’s been too long

since I made you laugh

It’s been to long

since u held me back

It’s been too long

since I touched your face

Its been to long

and I hate this place

Its been too lon

and your gone

(Verse 2)

Words cannot explain my pain

Thoughts of you make me feel the same

And I wish that u would hear me out

And I know that you have your doubts

I can tell you sweet, one things for sure

If I ever make you cry ill say goodbye

It’s true love that my heart does see

And on one thing u must agree…

(chorus )


I love your smell

I love your touch

I love your kiss

Im in this crutch

Please help me out

I askin yo

God im stuck

Pplz what do to

(chorus till finished)

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