The Sunsets Over My Life

The sunsets over my life

As I watch your smile slowly disappear

Over the horizon Far away

I reach out to touch it but the further it sinks

The tears flow

Flooding my soul

Gushing down

And im all alone

Im calling your name as loud as I can

Trust my love filling my heart

Overwhelming me from within

Share my love

Its meant for you

The tears are flowing once again

This time for love

Love that wants to be your slave

Make you its master and you won’t go astray

This love engendered for you that way

The darkness has set in now

The silence is speaking

Telling me nothing but giving me this feeling

My vision is handicapped I cannot see

And all I feel is silence with me

Adversity has come to challenge my ways

Im sitting alone

With this empty soul

The dark of the night keeps me company

There are no stars in the sky

Or beautiful clouds sailing above

Just bitter darkness

I listen to the night

I want to hear it speak

And tell me why I am so weak

I listen now slowly at first to the silent sound of bitterness

I take my heart and give it to the night

To take it away without a fight

Numbing my body my heart has left

Eloped with darkness as I lay to rest

It floats away looking for you

And lifeless I lay I don’t feel the pain

Living has ended

The nights here to stay

They take me down to the world after next

Where sinners are chained away from the rest

I wait for my heart to find your soul

Come take me away

Im scared alone

It drifts into the night

Lost in this sea

Looking for your smile that could set me free

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