Pledge to the Devil

The devil himself blossoms from within

Heaven seems dark

The pearly gates

The peaceful sounds

Non of this I see around

Its all a lie

It doesn’t exist

Empty space surrounded by bliss

Emotions are killed

As fires burn

Fueled by the blood poured from an urn

The blood of us

Those just like me

Who find peace amidst misery

We are all alike

Bask in pain, dance with hurt

As the devils blades slice through our hearts

Our souls are burned

They lay as ash

And now we are free

Feel no love

Feel no desire

The devil has cured us from those liars

Cannot be hurt

We feel no pain

Not even the drops that fall as rain

Now you cant hurt me

Don’t even try

My weakness I gave to the devil inside

Protected by him

We burn in fire

Come lay with me

Ill set you free

Tear your soul like the devil taught me

The lightning crashes over our bed

We lay in wait to be struck to death

To meet the master

To whom we pray

He took us in when the world looked away

Took our pain, took our feelings

Taught us to be numb from a liars beating

The liars we send all to heaven

They lost their souls living together

Leave us alone, we bask in hell

Heaven is full of these lying men

Never forgiven even after death

May the sounds of your lies haunt you in bed

As our soulless minds float so free

The heavy heart drowns you as you sleep

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