1998 - 2010

Nettie looks into the glass, but her father's eyes keep staring back.
"He's dead," She says, "He's in the ground."
She shakes her brain, then hears the sound
Of summer rain tapping manically like leaves rustling in the fall.
She steps outside to dance while her neighbor watches on. He says,

"The rain pours down like atom bombs,
Still she waves her arms through the air.
Poor Nettie is just crazy,
And it's best if no one cares."

Nettie sits in class and doodles while the teacher speaks
Her eyes are red, her clothes a mess
And her curly locks have disappeared
She longs to leave her chair behind,
So she says goodbye and runs outside
The girls just shake their heads and say,

"She shaved her head, then ran away.
She doesn't see what's really there.
Poor Nettie is just crazy
And it's best if no one cares."

Nettie finally reappeared, but couldn't hear the gasps and sighs
The heads of girls continued to shake, and the neighbor couldn't avert his eyes.
An officer watched her body float,
Beaten and bruised from the rain she loved.
When Nettie finally reached the edge,
He took her hand in his and said,

"If the river shined like heaven's gates,
Then her aches were far too hard to bare.
Poor Nettie was just crazy
And it's best if no one cares."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written July 28, 2010

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