Sandwiches and Movie Tickets

1998 - 2010

I got a job at a cineplex

As if my life wasn't complex

Enough without the stress

Of a second nine-to-five

It's me and this house alone

And my good friends can't pick up the phone

And save me from this misery

I think I'm lonely

I spend most of my time dreaming

Of a white house surounded by a fence

The family and kids that culd have been

But this fast food place owns my heart

And I'm bound by overpriced candy bars

Jesus take me if forever means this misery

Jesus take me

To a place where I don't answer to

A Georgia city name

A place where I know happy and

I'm loving every day

Some place better than this trap here

Some place better than this hole

Where I sell sandwiches

And movie tickets

With a side of my soul

Author's Notes/Comments: 

July 6, 2008

rough draft

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