Untitled -- 1.20.2007

1998 - 2010

Though she may seem to love, she still promises

That her heart is not for keeps.

Though her lips may say, "I'm forever,"

Her words mean only, "temporary."

When you find yourself tangled in her web

Strapped too tight in her passenger seat

And you're too steps away from defeat

Don't through up the flag and retreat

When her fury is hotter than fire from hell

Yet she claims a silent reverie

When her smile is far bitter than salty sea water

Pretend her laugh is honey sweet

When the crimson stain from her beautiful eyes

Sends a chill straight down to the base of your spine

When your soul is fed up and you've had enough

Don't you dare let her see you cry

Though she appears to be the sweetest of souls

And a lady no man would dare leave

Her spirit is dead and seemingly flat

And her heart without a beat

Through her empty words and promises

Through her lies and devil wings

You see a wall worth tearing down

And a life worth picking up from the ground

While you're still and her side

With your chin in the air

And her heart in your passenger seat

I still promise you that she'll tear you apart

From your pride down to your dignity

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written January 20, 2007

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