Child, Come To Me

1998 - 2010

See me run, Lord, I'm screaming!

My destination unknown to me,

Still you say: "Child, come to me.

Let that rain soothe that tired soul.

Drop your anger and grief and

Come dance with me."

"Run that marathon, girl,

But you can't run far from me!

You can't escape my love,

For when you race, my child,

I run next to you,

Just as good fathers do"

"Rest your feet, baby girl,

Let your body fall in my arms;

In my embrace.

Listen to the lullaby I wrote

For you.

My voice your perfect comforter;

Your perfect Father."

See me run, Lord, I'm crying!

My sight blurry; your arms I can't see

Still you say: "Child, come to me."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written September 9, 2006

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