The Hell You Put Me Through

1998 - 2010

I'm a fool for being there for you,

Playing nice and kind when you pass me by,

Despite the hell it puts me through.

I care, I strive, I long for you,

I'm commiting emotional suicide

For thinking, wanting, to be there for you

Your smile, your eyes, you don't have a clue

How your words - that knife - kills me inside

Unaware of the hell it puts me through

You sit and wonder where the world goes to

When you pass the time, miss out on life

Who is going to be there for you?

Like hell, I'll ever be there for you,

Those days when you've gone out of your mind

I'll remember the hell you put me through

But promises to myself are, indeed, untrue

Every word I think comes out a lie

Cause God made me to be there for you

No matter the hell you put me through

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written April 20, 2006

(it's an experimental villanelle)

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