My Lord

1998 - 2010

When I talk to my Lord he knows my voice

It's distinct, my own, he made it unique

Way before I speak he's ahead of me

For my Lord knows me and all my needs

When I lie awake and I'm robbed of sleep

My Lord knows how to soothe my soul

Cause those nights are when I feel incomplete

I'm reminded that He makes me whole

When I run away from the Lord, My God

When shame and guilt start to override

The love of my Lord always captures me

His presence tells me I have no where to hide

When I look in the mirror and through my eyes

I don't see Satan's lies and all his deceit

I see Christ who's life was sacrificed

And the cross he chose to bear for me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written September 8, 2006

*I know it's childish, I meant for it to be childish.*

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