Cross The Line

1998 - 2010

It's a sin to beg

And reach out for you

And crave the taste

Of your forbidden fruit

I know there are things

You'd like to see

Do you have the strength

To follow me

Do you dare to try

And cross the line

Take your hand in mine

And I'll be your guide

There's a secret

On every inch of my skin

And a shorcut route

To get within

You'll know

The right things to say

To put me in

My rightful place

Can you make me content

In paradise

So that I can drown

In your ocean blue eyes

Can you do me right

Spin me out of my mind

Touch me here

At the base of my neck

Grab me there

Right on my chest

Position your waist

Here between my legs

Dive in and I'll pray

That it ain't over yet

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written May 5, 2005

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