1998 - 2010

April showers need to come rollin in

They're welcome here this one time around

The sound tells me a new phase is to start

That's the true meaning of every rain drop

When will the grass come alive again

Growing so quickly beneanth my feet

Time goes by so slow it seems

That summertime will never begin

I'm lookin for the sign of a heatwave

When the humidity becomes unbareable

When the headaches come almost every day

Pounding as if it's uncurable

The things that died off in winter's cold

Are reborn once again with the coming of spring

This could only mean that my hope is restored

And the weakness I had is replaced with strength

With the start of summertime I can say goodbye

Cause the coming of fall means changes in life

All the vibrant colors of the coming season

Give me enough reason to crack a smile

If only spring would come and fly by

So I can wait for the end of summertime

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written March 20, 2005

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