The Girl in the Picture Frame

1998 - 2010

Who is that little girl

In the picture frame

Such a fine little lady

And a smile on her face

Head tilted slightly to the side

Her future is as bright

As beautiful her brown eyes

And when she speaks

It's with such clarity

But open your eyes

To this harsh reality

I promise the truth

Can set you free

Notice the battles

Engaging in this child's body

She's fading away

Like old memories

I'm sorry she's not

Who you want her to be

You wouldn't believe all the things

She's said and done

The hearts she's lost and won

All the lines she's crossed

Stepping on broken glass

On her way to success

She's screaming in the silence

You say it's just a phase

Cause all you see

Is the little girl

In the picture frame

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written December 27, 2004

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