Put Me To Sleep

1998 - 2010

Do you hear the ringing

I hear it softly in my left ear

It's not driving me insane

It's driving me mad

And so is the sound of fingernails

Scraping at the window

And there goes the stray dog

Barking at the moon

The neighbors coming in past curfew

For the fifth time

This week

That car's blastin it's stero

Tires screeching on the road

And no!

You can't hear it!

What god has put you to rest

With the sound of the rain

Drop Drop Drop

Against the window pane

Thunder and wind

Spar for dominence

And you choose to sleep

At a time like this

I hear a story in a dream

Somebody else's dream

Carried by the heavy breeze

It's all too sweet

But it doesn't put me to sleep

I see bright lights

Yellow street lights

On the sidewalk

Where I was yesterday

Ah memories

I can see memories

Too faint to describe

Too heavy to carry on

I feel weight on my shoulders

I see my tired face

When I stand in the mirror

Am I still awake

Where are the sounds and sights

Of my dreams

Do come to me

Put me to sleep

I hear the sound of paper

Falling off the wall

Who's here with me


Now I've gone insane

Shall I write this in my diary

Tomorrow when I awake

I'll start the first page

Maybe then it won't feel so cold


The Cold

I feel so cold

Where are the blankets

That hide the sounds and sights

That keep sleep away

From me

Do come to me

Put me to sleep

Can you hear me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Writtem December 25, 2004 at 1 in the morning.

I really couldn't sleep

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