Her Own Ship

1998 - 2010

She’s a free spirit

Her eyes open like the wings of an eagle

She can see the world beneath her feet

And she smiles

The wind pushes her like an ocean wave

Yet she stands still

She drives her boat by the open valley

And laughs at the lost sheep

At night she gazes at the many stars

And loves everyone of them

Her dreams are like many other dreams

But she dreams the possible

Then she looks at her world and frowns

She’s like a funny-looking tree filled with life

She’s mysterious and fascinating

With a special touch

She can glide like the wind

With the speed of flight

She can climb America’s mountains

With the greatest of ease

She can love with a love

That will shock you like lightning

And her voice is so soft

It’s loud like thunder

She needs no shepherd like the lost sheep

She’s the captain of her own cruise line

She’s a free spirit

Flying by

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written September 11, 2002

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