Angel Boy

1998 - 2010

One summer morning between eight and ten

A key opened the lock to my heart

A smile with a shine and bright sunny eyes

He came when my world fell apart

He came with a love that was more than true love

And a beauty only my eyes could see

He looked and he smiled and stood there a while

Seconds later he walked up to me

Only I could see his bright shinny face

As he walked passed tables and chairs

It filled me with fear and a grin ear to ear

This magical boy that was standing there

Then he sat next to me so that I could see

That everything would be just fine

An angel in disguise that no heaven could supply

This boy of magic appeared to be mine

This boy whom I felt instant love

Was here to teach my heart how to soar

I had thoughts in my head that I didn’t understand

And I was tempted to my last resort

He took my hand in his and looked me in the eye

He said, Baby Girl, now don’t you cry,

I’m gonna show you today that life finds a way

Don’t be afraid to look deep down inside

I smiled at him and he smiled at me

A friendship that would last a lifetime

A best friend forever, a kid who would never

Dare to try to leave my side

He put his arm around my shoulder

And I asked him ‘Boy what is your name?”

He said “Just listen to what I say, you don’t need to know my name,

Cause either way I’ll help you just the same.”

“I get so confused, just lookin at you,”

I told him as he got up to leave.

“Boy don’t leave me now while my heart is shuttin down

He said, “I’ll be back when your heart is in need.”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written July 8, 2002

i was bored...

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