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I can name 100 reasons

Wht I shouldn't look at you the way I do

Your education's imcpmplete

Abandoned all responsibility

I'd be a fool

To continue

Glancing in your direction

But I can name 100 reasons

Why, to me, you seem so beautiful


I'm a fool to look at you the way I do

I'm headin for disaster if I don't stop myself

But I can't help it

This is what I've wanted for so long

I don't wanna hear that your wrong for me

When you're perfect

My brain is denyin what my heart is feelin

And it's killin me inside

Cause its a fight I can't win

My love for you is so wrong

But you're perfect


Everything you do goes against all I believe in

And I'm a fool to not that it into consideration

In making the right decision

But I can't ignore

The way you make me feel

And the tenderess of your heart

Or how you treat me right

And put a sparkle in my eyes

But I can name 100 reasons why you're not worth it

But when I look at you allI see is perfect



There's a beauty, I swear, only I can see

How can you be right and wrong for me

I'm headin for disaster if I follow what my heart believes

The danger is worth the risk

Cause what I need is this

I still remember all the ways you've screwed up

But I'm still the fool that's fallin in love


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written October 17, 2004

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