1998 - 2010

I waved goodbye to you

And your bestfriend too

I was standing in the shadows

Always been in the shadows

I shed a tear for you

Cause I grew up with you

Do you remember my name

Yes. I have a name


Oh My, I'm gettin old

I remember you being there

You didn't see me there

Turnin eighteen-years-old

Now I feel so alone

I have to say goodbye

Hold my hand. goodbye

My four yearbooks

One day I'll take a look

Adventure to my past

The years go by so fast

I see your picture there

I remember I was there

We were far apart

But we were close at heart

I see that you're afraid

Please don't be afraid

This is our victory

Come and rejoice with me

It's finally our time

This moment is yours and mine

Let's go and say goodbye

Hold my hand. Goodbye

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written February 1, 2005

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