1998 - 2010

I see the boys with the brains

That be makin straight A's

The guys with the brilliant minds

Always know how to have a good time

And its great that I know what I like

But it sucks for me cause I'm not their type

I see the boys playin the guitar

The strings send vibes to my heart

Whenever I put a smile on my face

They all turn around or look away

All of them stuck in their ways it seems to be

Will I ever find a guy that's right for me

Maybe it's way I do my hair

Or the clothes I wear

Maybe my thighs are too thick

Or my chest is too big

Maybe it's who I am inside

But I can't change that to be their type

Black skin and white skin

And sweethearts within

All want the same kind

Someone I can't be like

Maybe I'm beeter off it seems

Take them forever to find a good girl like me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written August 29, 2004

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