Life's Game

1998 - 2010

What's the point in havin a dream

If you know it won't come true

Or makin a goal

That's too far to reach

A resolution that you make

Every first of the year

In constant hope every day

That something will change

But this is life's little game

And its forever this way

You try to be content

And stay true to yourself

But holdin your head high

Only brings you down

Why do you try to hold a smile

When it only makes you cry

Cause all this believin'

Is another white lie

That's how life is

And it's tearin you up inside

What's the use in making a list

If you know Santa can't bring it

What's the use in wanting someone's hand

When they just take it away

Why want to make it all better

When normal's settled for this

It all makes no sense

But that's how life is

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written September 1, 2004

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