Love Me

1998 - 2010

Pull me up on your lap for a while;

Hold my hand as I cry to sleep.

Sing me a sweet lullaby,

A humble tune to ease my pain.

Lend me your shoulder to cry on,

Lend me your strength to survive.

Where is your spirit when I can't breath?

Where is yoru voice when I can't speak?

Carry me through when my legs are weak,

Pull me up when I start to drown.

Cover me when the cold night air,

Makes a delicate home beneath my skin.

Be my lifht when I'm afraid of birth,

Draw my path when I'm wandering.

Grab hold of me and cling to my heart,

Love me when hope has no place in me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written October 21, 2006

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